ECODRY Plus Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump that should be in every Lab!

No more oil drip pans! Quiet operation and maintenance free!

And most importantly high performance and quality construction.

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ECODRY Plus Vacuum Pump

The ECODRY Plus Vacuum Pump is a newly developed family of dry-compression multi-stage Roots vacuum pumps. This unit sets new standards in noise reduction. The pumps have been specially designed for use in quiet and clean environments, such as analytical and research laboratories. ECODRY Plus Vacuum Pumps provide a clean vacuum at maximum pumping speeds of 40 and 55 m³/h while creating absolutely the lowest noise level technically possible. They deliver stable vacuum performance for many years without maintenance.

The pumps are based on the multi-stage Roots pumping principle. They have two contact-less rotating rotors turning in opposite direction. Through their rotation the gas is moved from the inlet to the exhaust. By the effect of multiple pumping stages the gas is compressed from medium vacuum range to ambient pressure.

The ECODRY Plus Vacuum Pumps stand out ahead of all others due to the following features:

Quiet – With the integrated acoustic insulation and built in silencer the noise level of these pumps is lower than 52 dB(A) – quieter than a normal conversation.

Clean – With an oil-free suction chamber and wear-free operation, neither oil vapors nor particles are contaminating the vacuum chamber or the environment. No more messy, unsightly oil drip pans under the bench!

Maintenance-free – Changing oil or seals is not required – the pumps deliver stable vacuum performance for many years without the need for maintenance.

Easy to use – The pumps are compact, can be plugged into regular single-phase outlets, air-cooled and are easy to re position by the use of their integrated wheels.

Application – Ideally suited for use with LCMS instruments.

Performance should be seen, not heard…

Designed to serve – quietly

In analytical instruments like mass spectrometers, the ECODRY Plus vacuum pump is an indispensable component that is expected to provide reliable vacuum without drawing too much attention to itself.

With the ECODRY plus, acoustic enclosures for noise reduction are no longer required – an ECODRY plus vacuum pump emits half the noise of other pumps in its class. And thanks to its flexible interfaces, the pump can be remote-controlled by the instrument control system.

Minimal vibration for ultra-sharp microscopy

Electron microscopes need dependable vacuum pumps for backing multiple turbomolecular pumps.

To achieve highest-resolution images, the pump must not transfer any noise or vibration to the instrument.

The ECODRY plus vacuum pump is not only the quietest pump in its class – it also creates minimal vibration due to its smooth rotation mechanism. This reduced noise and vibrations benefits resolution – and the lab’s employees. Blurred images are a thing of the past!

Robust and reliable

In cryo-pump regeneration, the pump needs to handle high amounts of water vapor – and possibly solvents – and transport it out of the vacuum chamber.

The ECODRY plus vacuum pump boasts high water-vapor tolerance and is built for utmost reliability. Flexible system integration is easy, thanks to the available remote-control interfaces.


Everyone who has seen the ECODRY plus vacuum pump in action, has been very impressed by its compact size, low noise level, and high quality. The ECODRY plus is by far the quietest of any roughing pump we’ve ever used.”

Mass Spectrometer Scientist