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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for the most commonly asked questions about our products and services.

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Explain NitroStream by GGS

NitroStream by GGS is an alternative way to purchase gas for your Laboratory. It is series of gas subscription plans from GGS. Our plans offer an “out of the box” solution for nitrogen and/or air to be supplied to your instrument, using an onsite laboratory gas generator, but without the need for a capital investment. A NitroStream by GGS Plan will also cover all servicing and maintenance for the duration of the subscription, providing a stress-free constant gas supply.

How does NitroStream by GGS work?

A Laboratory Gas Generator will be installed in your laboratory, it’s output capacity will be determined by your instrument’s requirements Once installed all servicing and maintenance will be covered by the agreed NitroStream by GGS Plan.

What does NitroStream by GGS provide?

NitroStream by GGS subscription plans are fully inclusive of the gas generator equipment, all servicing and maintenance (Parts & Labor) and technical support.

How is the Subscription paid?

Your NitroStream by GGS plan is paid monthly via ACH or monthly invoice. Making it simple and hassle-free to implement and manage. We also make it easy should you wish to upgrade at a future date and adjust your payment plan.

How are NitroStream by GGS plans priced?

Monthly gas subscription amounts are determined by the customer’s gas flow rate and level of redundancy requirements. Each plan level has an inclusive flow range (liters per minute), for example NitroStream 30 is designed to provide between 25 -35L/min. Please contact GGS for customized pricing based on your Lab’s requirements.

What is my initial cost or deposit?

The initial payment covers your first two months plus equipment delivery/freight costs. This initial payment is non-refundable, covering the costs of setting up your NitroStream by GGS plan, including delivery and installation of the gas generator equipment being installed in your laboratory.

Do we get a probationary period before being locked into contract?

Yes, you have 28 days (4 weeks) to ensure you are fully satisfied with the service and supply of gas to your equipment, during which time you have the ability to cancel and withdraw from the NitroStream by GGS contract. Please note that the initial deposit (Inc. freight costs) is non-refundable.

What are the minimum & maximum contract terms?

You can subscribe to NitroStream by GGS for 2.5, 3, 4 or 5 years. The minimum term you can sign up for is 30 months.

What generator make & model will be supplied?

GGS will provide you with a generator that meets the requirements of the equipment being used. We may be able to provide brand options at the time the subscription is taken out, but generally the specific generator may vary at the discretion of GGS; you are guaranteed a fully tested and operational new or reconditioned generator, suitable for your equipment’s specific requirements.

Can I upgrade or downgrade as and when needed?

Yes, once during any current 12-month period you will be able to change the subscription level of your plan, this allows you the ability to increase your gas requirements with your lab’s growth. There will be a nominal fee to cover admin and the delivery charges of your new equipment (the monthly premium will increase or decrease based on the new service selected). Where subscription level has been modified, the new level of service will be delivered by either the supply of additional generation equipment or by a replacement generator.

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